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You bring the story,
we bring it to life.

the story,
we bring it to life.

let’s tell your story

We create brand videos with a clear vision. We don't just  "get the job done," but we approach your
brand with creative insight, authenticity, and foresight.

You'll never be just another client to us, but an integral part of our professional family. We walk the extra mile for you. We seek and find the best approach to your brand. And we bring your vision to
life through creative story telling.
The world is listening.
Let's tell a story worth remembering.
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I believe that everyone carries a story. No matter your age, the success of your business, or the size of your audience; every brand has a story worth telling. It's all about finding the right perception.

Hi, my name is Jared and I am the founder of Envision Media. I started telling stories more than ten years ago by filming and editing videos. It's hard to describe exactly what I do because I don't see myself as just a videographer or cinematographer. I believe I am a storyteller. While some storytellers might use words, paintbrushes, or melodies to express themselves, I use the art of videography.

When I started Envision Media I had a clear vision: To bring other visions to life, allowing audiences to see what matters; a glimpse into the heart of a brand and organization.

I pride myself in high-quality work that is authentic and impactful. There are millions of brands out there, and to cut through the noise you can't afford to be anything other than who you are. My focus has never been becoming the best video editor or cinematographer. My focus is being the best story teller.
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You bring the story, we bring it to life.
It's always a pleasure and a honor to be trusted with someone else's vision and bring it to life. Take a look at some of the brands we've partnered
with and the work we produced for them.
We've worked with some incredible brands all over the world.
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